The new, high pigmented acrylic color in student quality

Balanced color range of 48 color shades (incl. 3 metallic color shades, 6 effect color shades with glitter effects)
Ideal for painting on paper, carton, canvas, cardboards, stone, metal, wood, leather and many plastics
For school, study, profession and leisure
Color is usable in the interior or exterior


High color intensity and brilliant luminosity
Very good coverage, color contains non-fading pigments
Soft and smooth consistency
Medium viscosity
Paints creamy
Can be thinned by using water; colors can be mixed together
Fast drying and evenly matt
Water-proof after drying
Production according to DIN EN71-3
Tips on painting:

We recommend to apply the undiluted SOLO GOYA ACRYLIC with a brush. The color can also be applied generously with a painting knife. If color is well diluted, beautiful stain effects can be created.

Please experiment! SOLO GOYA ACRYLIC can be well combined with SOLO GOYA Painting mediums and SOLO GOYA Structure Pastes and Gels expanding a lot the spectrum of creative possibilities.