presto Adhesive Steel is a solvent-free, two-component repair and gluing system on the basis of epoxy resin. The product fills, glues and seals various materials such as iron and NF metals.
For filling:
Use as a filler, suitable for all metals, cast parts, wood, cement asbestos, ceramics and concrete. Widen cracks where possible to 2/3 of the wall thickness in a V-shape and then fill with the adhesive steel. Widen faulty borings or stripped threads out to double the original diameter and then fill with adhesive steel.

For gluing:
Adhesive steel bonds identical and non-identical materials firmly and durable together, even those that cannot normally, or only with difficulty, be bonded or welded together, such as steel, aluminium, lead, wood, iron and cement asbestos.
For sealing:
For damaged pipes or discharge pipes, in combination with suitable materials to cover the damage. Simply apply the adhesive steel to the material and treat as a bandage. Hardened layers over 5 mm thick can be handled like metals: They can be drilled, milled, filed, turned and threaded.
For many applications in the private sector, in industry, metal and wood construction, in ship construction, garages and locksmiths shops.