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WATERSTOP is a long life material used for water insulation, when dried becomes elastic, impermeable, strong, applicable to every type surface, does not contain asphalt and solvent and may be colored.
WATERSTOP is fully water proof. Paintable, resistant to sun light. Has semi fluid nature. Therefore, easily covers difficult surfaces. It is elastic, keeps its elasticity at hot and cold variations, allows surfaces to breathe, resistant against weat chemicals and UV rays. Decorative, does not reproduce bacteria on the material.
Water vapor permeability (20 later at 20C, 65 % humidity) :27,6 g/m² day Tensile strength (20 hours later at 20C) :24,5 kgf/cm², Elongation at rupture :300 % Adhesion resistance (20 hours later at 20C) :12 kgf/cm²