Fabric Painting
Our line of Fabric Paints is based on logic and a system that works: JAVANA TEXTIL offers the right color for almost any kind of fabric as well as the right effect for every kind of technique. The building blocks behind the program go hand-in-hand. With more than 90 colors to choose from, you can let your fantasy run free. Our line of Fabric Paints comes in eight basic categories of color and has been developed specifically for a wide range of fabrics and techniques.

Soft and smooth on the fabric
Brilliant and vivid
Water-based, thin with water
Colors are intermixable
Intense and lightfast colors, weatherproof
Washable up to 60°C
Heatset colors by ironing or let air dry
The right color for every kind of fabric and every kind of surface
Suitable for all types of techniques (painting, silk screening, stamping, airbrush etc.)
Blendable with JAVANA TEX ARTMARKER and JAVANA Silk Paints
Tip: JAVANA TEX can be applied perfectly on fabric with Hobby Line Stencils